What Could You Grow Here?

Downtown Waynesboro is popping with questions, conversation, and new business ideas.

Perhaps you’ve seen the storefronts — downtown buildings ask boldly and clearly What Could You Grow Here? Read how Grow Waynesboro has teamed up with property owners to make your search for the perfect downtown location easy and fast.

Perhaps you’ve seen the new, large signs hanging in vacant downtown storefronts, asking passers-by What Could You Grow Here? These signs identify buildings and property owners with whom Grow Waynesboro has formed relationships. We know available square footage, building amenities, past uses, available downtown incentives, and that the property owner is ready and wanting to find a new tenant.

If you have a vision for filling one of these storefronts, we encourage you to contact us for customized assistance. Best of all, you can also search our online database to learn more about the building that sparked your interest. Properties are listed by location, geocached to a City map, so you can also explore neighboring properties in your search. You may also want to find out whether that space is in the Enterprise Zone or Tourism Development Zone.

As always, at Grow Waynesboro we want you to know that local resources are available to help get you started. We encourage you to read stories of successful entrepreneurs who have made Waynesboro their home, and we look forward to helping you Grow Waynesboro.

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