Delighting Kids and Kids at Heart at The Tubular Toy Box

The Tubular Toy Box in downtown Waynesboro offers a nostalgic treasure hunt your younger self will be begging you to experience. Owned by Amanda Stone and Ray Murray, The Tubular Toy Box is a well-loved vintage toy store for all generations. Amanda, the visionary, and Ray, the integrator, work together to bring their passion for vintage toys to life.

The Tubular Toy Box buys, sells, and trades antique toys as a part of their shop, with an added display factor to promote foot traffic. Currently, the business offers toys dated back to the 1970s but primarily focuses and leans towards those made in the 80s and well-loved by the Xennials and Generation Y. While kids these days categorized in the Gen Z or even the Gen Alpha may not entirely have memories and close connections with toys like these, many families find that it offers a new look into the past and offers a unique communication and connection aspect between adults and children. Parents are able to engage their children with tangible examples and stories to go along with the memories of their childhood, which offers a better understanding of the past.

Amanda and Ray at The Tubular Toy Box.

 Amanda and Ray both believe in the diligent process of entrepreneurship, no matter the obstacles or struggles. In their case, patience is most definitely a virtue when building their business venture – a successful one at that. Their determination and admirable entrepreneurial spirits have also carried them far. Amanda started selling candles as a side gig in 2019, and Ray tagged along, putting a few vintage toys on the shelves. After realizing what most shoppers were interested in, the pair decided to focus solely on toy sales. Unfortunately, the detrimental effect of COVID-19 took a major toll on small businesses, which set Amanda and Ray back, causing them to close up shop temporarily. In light of a break, the couple took time to look for a larger space for the business. This led to the opening of the current location downtown, where the toys have delighted customers for over a year.

Creating the perfect place to fulfill their ideal business venture was a turning point amidst the setback caused by the pandemic. With an open space in brick and mortar, The Tubular Toy Box offers a genuine feel for the antiquity of the environment. Whether you drop in simply to browse or you’re looking for something specific, The Tubular Toy Box is a vital community asset to those who share a connection with their past or who often find themselves reminiscing on the nostalgic memories from beloved childhood toys. No matter the age, a walk through the store will either leave you embracing your old soul with a “new” purchase in hand or enjoying unlocking youthful memories. Nevertheless, if you were to come in with a specific toy in mind or a request for an item that may not be available in the store at the time, Amanda or Ray may just “put it on the wish list board” for you and keep their eyes open during their extensive searches to fulfill your request.

Superhero fans love these vintage options.

The “thrill of the hunt” is what drives the team to success in accumulating new items to display in the shop. Ray and Amanda have gone as far as Florida to find such antiquities, planning time in their vacation schedules for special “treasure hunts” and antique purchases. Ray has since traveled throughout the state of Virginia to pick up specific items for the collection. This type of dedication may just be the key to any entrepreneurial quest. The two owners strongly believe in the time and effort that is required for a successful business venture. For Amanda, having a past in Girl Scouts as a young child taught her a sense of business and responsibility, which she adapted into a passion for owning a small business. This type of dedication takes time, energy, and an understanding of pacing the growth of the business, which is sound advice the couple offers to aspiring entrepreneurs. 

When you’re ready for a blast from the past, make sure to visit the The Tubular Toy Box. It’s a unique shopping experience that young and old alike will never forget. 

The Tubular Toy Box is located at 130 N. Wayne Avenue in Waynesboro. It is currently strictly an in-person shop for the sake of nostalgia and a memorable browsing experience. You can find updates, news, and featured toys on Facebook and Instagram by searching @tubulartoyboxva.

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