Have a dream to start a new business? We’re here to help you launch it.


We know there are dreams, ideas, and inspirations for new Waynesboro businesses hiding in the hearts and minds of friends and neighbors alike.

Our job is to unleash that energy.

If you’ve dreamed it, we want to hear about it!


Apply for start-up grants of up to $10,000, plus join our 2018 Business Plan Development Class — DEADLINE: May 22nd

Grow Waynesboro is giving away start-up grants of up to $10,000 this year, which can be used to fund inventory, rent, marketing, equipment, supplies, and other business expenses. To apply for these start-up funds, interested entrepreneurs must complete the application below by May 22nd, letting us know some basic information about who you are and your new business idea. 

All competitors for the start-up grants will be required to complete our 8-week business planning class this summer and present their refined business ideas to a live audience of judges and community members on Thursday, September 6th.  All interested applicants are encouraged to read our Frequently Asked Questions, to review the timeline of business training workshops, and to contact us with any and all questions.

Ready to Apply?

If you’re ready to move your business idea forward and apply for a competitive start-up grant of up to $10,000, we’d love to hear from you.


  • If your business does not yet have a chosen address, please provide your home address and write "home" in the line below. (Note that all qualifying businesses must be located in the City of Waynesboro by March 31, 2019).
  • Tell us about your new business

  • If you had just met a stranger and had only a few minutes to describe your business idea, what would you say?
  • What goods, services, or experiences will your business provide? Why do you hope or believe that there will be high demand and interest in your business? How will you find and attract new customers?
  • Why are you excited or passionate about this business idea? What prior experiences have prepared you to make this business successful?
  • Check any and all that apply!
  • Including yourself, how many (if any) new jobs do you plan to create over the next 3 years? What are your (approximate) projected revenues in the first and second year?
  • How would you allocate grant funds of up to $10,000? Knowing that many local businesses may be competing for limited grant funding, could you make effective use of lower amounts of funding, or would a full $10,000 be necessary to start your business?
  • As part of competing for start-up funds, all eligible entrepreneurs must complete our start-up business planning course, successfully complete a business plan during the course, and present their final business plan to local judges. Please check each requirement to confirm that you are willing and able to attend these activities.
  • In what ways (economically, socially, or otherwise) will your business endeavor benefit the City of Waynesboro?


Are Others Dreaming About Your Business Plan?

Quite possibly!  If you’ve ever wondered what some of your friends and neighbors have dreamed about as new businesses for themselves, their children, and their community, check out these interviews below. Waynesboro is clear:  want to see and support amazing new businesses in our local economy, including ones like yours!