Successful entrepreneurs are the backbone of our local economy.

As Grow Waynesboro begins our search to find and fund new 2018 entrepreneurs (including start-up grant awards for which we hope you will apply!) it’s a good season to look back at the many successes of prior years. Since 2016, we’ve been giving away grants, training, and promotional support to help each new year’s wave of local business entrepreneurs. Here, we’re sharing stories from the many entrepreneurs who have made the journey before.


Meet Our 2017 Start-Up Entrepreneurs

We are excited to announce and welcome four new businesses to downtown Waynesboro this year who are also the winners of our start-up grants competition, awarding $51,000 to small businesses creating jobs and storefronts in our community. You can read about The Honey Exchange, Blue Oregano, Chubina Boo Boutique, and Memories by Valerie online here.





Meet Our 2016 Success Stories

New jobs, new awards, growing businesses, and ongoing excitement is part of the news from the businesses we helped launch in 2016 with $21,000 in start-up grants. You can read about Ula Tortilla, The Faded Poppy, and Make Waynesboro online here.  They are already reporting new jobs, significant build-outs, and a growing impact on the local economy. We are proud to release their updates.



And So Many More…

We continue to be astounded by the inspiring stories of new, evolving, growing, and ever-changing entrepreneurs in Waynesboro. As we continue to compile their stories, check them out below for entrepreneurial advice, wisdom, and motivation.